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Everything you need to know about ME APP

Let us explain you about all the features ME APP can offer! More than just “a caller id”

Me is the only app in the GLOBE that allows you to watch how other people name you in their contacts, and who named you HOW!

You can see mutual contacts between you and other Me User, Get a REAL TIME UNIQUE Caller ID from an unknown number, and the tools to always know the true callers real identity.

You can send WhatsApp, send your email (with one touch) during a call, text message, voice the caller name while getting a call, flash on incoming calls and more! With our unique and sophisticated one of a kind ME CALLER ID.

Before we continue, if you still not using Me App you can download it from here: App Store or Google play.

The first Screen you will see is the NAMES SCREEN:

In this screen you will see a list of names (your names) of how other named you in their contact, one touch on a name and you will see who named you that way! If there is more than one you will see the list of people that named you that way, simple easy and only for ME APP users.

You can go even more deep, touch on the person who named you and his profile will show with all of his details and actions such as: call, text, WhatsApp, send my email to him, view mutual contacts, add to contact, view as contact, send sticker and much much more!


Me Android Widget:

In order to make things simple we’ve developed a unique widget that allows you to search and identify phone numbers without even open the app.

  • You can watch the last identification our app has provided for you, and open their profile with simple touch.
  • Search a phone number without open the app, if you have copied a number somewhere and you touch on the search line, the number will automatically paste for instant search.
  • Change your availability status, and other who calls you can know if you are busy, free for a call, free for a text etc…
  • Touch on the CAMERA icon, and your camera will open to scan phone numbers and identify them straight from your camera and your environment in REAL TIME! Just zoom in to the phone number you need to scan it will do it fast without any interaction.

How to install our Android Widget? Click for a Guide


Me IPhone Widget:

Due to the limitation of the IOS operating system nor we or other apps can provide you FULL REAL TIME CALLER ID!

Once the option will be open for developers we will be the first to do so!

Therefor we’ve developed few widgets to help you identify phone numbers quickly!
Install our “today’s widget”, next time you copy a phone number just scroll the home screen and we will do the rest!

Other Widget is the ME SHARE EXTENSION:

When you click on a “share” from contacts or from a number you see on the web or everywhere just tap on the “Me” Icon (if you don’t see it just add it)
The App will do the rest and give you the phone number result quickly!

How to add the Home Today’s widget tutorial

How to add the share extension widget tutorial


Mutual Friends: 

In a scenario when you’ve got a new name in the app, you open the profile and it’s someone you think you don’t know (Happens a lot!).
The easy way to know more about the person is to watch your Mutual Friends.
The mutual friends show you which contacts you both have in common.

Delete unwanted Name:

If you encounter a name you don’t like in the Names Screen and you don’t want to see it no more (the list is private for your eyes only!)
Android: Long press and then select delete name.
IPhone: Slide the name and touch Delete.
You will never see that name again in your list!
(You can restore all deleted names from settings screen)

Search a name “Names Screen”:

You’ve got a long list of names? Wonder how a specific contact named you? It’s easy you can search a contact in the names screen.

In the names screen you can search for a particular name:
On android touch on the search icon On IPhone slide down the screen an you will see the search input

Just type in the contact you want to see how he named you and the name result will show.


Identify Screen (Caller Id) 

In the identify screen you can see all the phone numbers you’ve searched, identified, and scanned from the camera, ingoing outgoing missed calls etc…

You can search for a specific phone number and get the name behind the number.

in which you can do more than just watch the caller’s name and picture:

Touch on one of the results will open the user’s profile where you can do more actions such as: call, send text, send your email, add to contact, view contact, view mutual friends, send a sticker, report as a spam and suggest a new name and more!

In the identify screen you can edit the list by touching the “EDIT” button, you can delete specific records or clean the whole list!




Recently we’ve released ME SMART CALLER ID


More Actions Button:
Touch on the button to the right of the caller’s name will open a menu in which you can:

  • Send a WhatsApp to the caller during the call
  • View or Add the contact details
  • Send a Text message during the call
  • Send your email to the caller during the call

Settings Button:
Touch on the Setting button in the right lower of the caller id screen will open a menu in which you can:

  • Enable/Disable Announce name (English, Russian and Hebrew supported)
  • Enable/Disable Torch (flash) on incoming call
  • Enable/Disable Caller Id From known contacts

Show Profile Button:


  • Long press on the user picture, or touch the ME icon will open the caller FULL PROFILE.

Share Contact Button:


  • Touch on the share Icon to share the caller info with other person via Facebook, WhatsApp etc…

Read the full guide “Me Smart Caller ID”



ME APP is the ONLY app that gives you real and full cover from unwanted SPAM Callers!

The community reports everyday hundreds of numbers which we check and approve if needed! The community votes up for spammers and you can see how many people voted as spam.

We give the FULL Spammer name and not just “SPAM” so you can decide for yourself if you want to answer or not.

You can report on a Spam number straight from the SMART CALLER ID, or from a profile.

On android devices the spam alert will be in red in real time caller id.
On IPhone devices the spam alert will be written in the caller’s name in REAL TIME.


 real time spam for Android

Real time spam on iphone


Contacts Screen:

In contacts screen you can view all your contacts, the ones have “invite me” green button means they don’t have the app and you CAN’T see how they named you.
You can touch on it and invite them, once they activated ME APP you will see how the specific contact named you.

The more people you invite, the more names you will have! Simple as that.

If you touch on a user’s profile from the contacts you will see his profile page and all of the actions and details (call, text, view mutual contacts and more…)


Notifications Screen:

In the notifications screen you can see all the notifications the app sends you such as:

  • When you have a new name, when a contact added you to his phone book you will know which name he gave you.
  • When someone changed your name.
  • Me App System messages, about new stuff, improvements or just wishing you a happy holiday J
  • When we’ve approved your spam report
  • And more!



My Profile/Edit Profile Screen:

This is a very important screen, in this screen you can choose how and what people can see about you:


  • You can add a profile picture and change it whenever you want.
  • You can add your age
  • Social network links such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linked In, Twitter
  • Your email (when you send you email with one touch this is the email that will be sent)
  • Your Contacts (only you can see your contacts) you can always watch your contacts that’s backed up on our servers.
    If you wish you can always RESTORE YOUR CONTACTS AT ANY TIME!
  • Change your name from the top names list

To edit this information touch on the settings button and choose “Edit Profile”
You can change those details whenever you feel like it and choose whatever you wish to share with others.



Settings Screen: 

In order to go to app settings screen go to -> My Profile -> Settings Icon -> Choose Settings

We believe that the user should have the ability for customize the app and we give you the power to show and use the app as you feel like!
You can change either of those settings at any time.

  1. Enable/Disable mutual contacts – if you choose to enable you can see mutual contacts with other profiles, if you choose to disable no one will see mutual friends with you BUT neither would you.
  2. Restore Deleted names, if you deleted names from the names screen by touching this button you can undo and retrieve all the names you’ve deleted.
  3. Notifications for missed calls (Android), if set as on the app will send you a notification for your recent missed call, touch on the notification will open the missed call user’s profile.
  4. Notifications for UNKOWN MISSED calls (Android), if set as on the app will send you a notification for your recent missed call, touch on the notification will open the missed call user’s profile.
  5. Notifications for UNKOWN calls (Android), if set as on the app will send you a notification for your recent identified call, touch on the notification will open the missed call user’s profile.
  6. Enable/Disable ME SMART CALLER ID, if set as on our caller id will pop when you get a call from unknown number, if set as off it will not showed!
  7. Enable/Disable Caller Id for OUTGOING calls, if set as on our caller id will pop when you call an unknown number.
  8. Enable/Disable Auto SPEAK Callers name, set this on if you want our caller id to say (speak) the caller’s name using text to speech
    Works in English, Russian and Hebrew (BETA).
  9. Enable/Disable Flash (Torch) on incoming Call, set this on if you want for your phone to flash (torch) on incoming call, even if your phone is on silent mode.
  10. Delete Your Profile, we believe that the user should always have the power to decide if he wants to be on ME APP or not! Once deleting your profile other people will not see how you named them anymore, you will not get any notifications from us and the caller id will not work for you anymore.


Important notice for IPhone users:

We’ve get tons of question why and when real time caller id will work, well the answer is simple, the IOS OS have restriction that won’t allow us the developers to do so, the only thing we can do is show real time SPAM Callers (IOS 10+ with the call-kit extension)

We are using every technology that’s available to us such as our widgets, call-kit extension to make this more easy for you.

We will send you a real time notification if a Me user will call you with the caller name.

And we will keep doing whatever we can in order to make whatever is possible to enable caller id for iPhone.

Don’t let any other app fool you, this is not possible (at least for now) and whenever it will be possible we will be the first to do so! 🙂

You can always read about the new app features, hacks tricks and guides here:

What’s new on the IPhone Version

What’s new on the Android Version


Techincal Support

Our Facebook Fan Page

We are always here for you! Any question or suggestion we will be glad to hear and help!


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