Me Caller Id – NEW and SMART caller id for android

Me Caller id – new and SMART caller id for android

We recommend that you read all the guide so that you can enjoy all the innovations and make your life easy!
First of all, make sure you have download and activated MeApp


We will explain to you in detail, anything and everything that you can enjoy every incoming call, and an outgoing call

.1. New Settings button

Call ID, smart actions with your contacts within a call

Because of the many requests, we have decided to provide you with a possibility of identifying your contacts, too, with the Actions menu:
* You can see common friends click,
* Send WhatsApp, and most importantly send your email with a click to the other side.
* You can turn off contact caller id with a simple click.
* Cancel caller id that no images appear We’ll add more options soon.

Actions menu

In the menu you can easily send your email to the caller with simple touch
Send a Whatsapp message during the call
Send a Text message during the call
All in real time and during the call!

If your email is not available, long touch set it up one time and you are set for life 🙂

All the actions were designed to be able to send and respond quickly, even during a call! With one finger.
If you have ideas for more useful things, we’d love to hear from you

3. Caller ID screen movements

The Call Id screen is closed automatically when the call is over, or by pressing X, or by sliding to the right or left side
You can lift up and up lightly just grab the screen with your finger and move up and down


5. Real-time spam detection

From today you can vote and influence! Click on LIKE during a call to vote

6. Me button!

In each call recognition screen, you can also press the ME button! And you can get more info  on the caller and  to watch mutual friends etc…


7. Our new widget for Android

Me Android Widget:

In order to make things simple we’ve developed a unique widget that allows you to search and identify phone numbers without even open the app.

  • You can watch the last identification our app has provided for you, and open their profile with simple touch.
  • Search a phone number without open the app, if you have copied a number somewhere and you touch on the search line, the number will automatically paste for instant search.
  • Change your availability status, and other who calls you can know if you are busy, free for a call, free for a text etc…
  • Touch on the CAMERA icon, and your camera will open to scan phone numbers and identify them straight from your camera and your environment in REAL TIME! Just zoom in to the phone number you need to scan it will do it fast without any interaction.

How to install our Android Widget? Click for a Guide





Thanks 🙂
Hope you enjoy this special update
Me Team

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