Me Version 5.9989 What’s New? (26.1.2019) (ANDROID)

Me Version 5.9989 What’s new (14.12.2019)
* Added copy/paste functionality to our default dialer, copy a number open the dialer and me will identify who is behind that number.
* Now you can access our dialer from “Caller Id” Tab.
* Open a phone number straight to our dialer will show you the name behind the phone number
* Quick access to user profiles and mutual contacts from our dialer.

Me Version 5.9985 What’s new (14.12.2018)

Per your requests we’ve added our new ‘Me Dialer’

Me Dialer (Beta)
* Open a phone number straight to our dialer will show you the name behind the phone number
* Quick access to user profiles and mutual contacts from our dialer. Fixed a few stability issues and crashes

Me Version 5.9982 What’s new (06.11.2018)

We have released the new version, it will roll out to everyone in the upcoming days
New Feature to fight against Spam and Fraud calls!
Me Proudly presents automatically decline & block calls from selected countries.
How it works? Simple
Go to the app settings -> Check the “Block calls from specific countries” -> Select the countries you want the app to block on incoming calls.
That’s it you are protected!

Me Version 5.9980 What’s new (23.10.2018)

* Added a new Widget for search numbers only 1X1
* Fixed bug related to the Caller Id place when check “remember place”
* Fixed bug when Flash on incoming calls was on sometimes caller id would open slowly
* Fixed some issues related to android 9
* Minor crashes and bug fixes

Me Version 5.9974 What’s new (16.08.2018)
* Full support on Android 9 Pie  devices (fixed caller id issue)
* Fixed problem with Samsung devices with long name list crash
* Minor bug fixes and improvements

Me Version 5.9973 What’s new (20.06.2018)

* Fixed an issue with the setting of hide/show mutual contacts

* Fixed notification vibration on android 8 devices
* Bug fixes & Speed improvements
* Open a Facebook profile – After a limitation
caused with Facebook changes, added a fix now Facebook profile should open (will work on the newest profiles only)

Me Version 5.996  What’s new (22.04.2018)
*Fixed all issues regarding send WhatsApp message through the app, now you can use it even when the phone is not in your contacts.
*Added a new feature – Invite friends screen, will show you all the friends that still not using the app, you can invite them quickly and reveal how they name you
*Improved registration process.
*Several bug & crash fixes, better stability
*Improve app speed!

Me Version 5.995 What’s new (12.04.2018)
We have made several security changes for your protection.
This update is a MUST for all our users. In the upcoming months
you will not be able to use older versions so make sure you have this version installed on your device!

Me Version 5.99 What’s new (01.03.2018)

* Full support for Russian, German, Arabic, Hindi & French!
* Changed the Top navigation bar to be more helpful, and added the new ADVANCED SEARCH option.
* Touch on the Top logo will open Settings screen.
* Added READ (VOICE CALLER ID) support  Russian & English  for Me Caller ID (can be activated in settings screen)
* Added Private notes feature, during a call you can now add private notes for the caller, you can always watch, edit, delete your private notes
New and advanced ‘Me Search’
From now on you can search from everywhere (added search icon to the top nav bar) and anywhere!
* Search in who named me and how
* Search among your contacts
* Search in recent calls (call log)
* Search a phone number in ‘Me’ Caller id and know who it is
* Scan in real time phone numbers from your camera! (camera icon)
Just enter the name or phone number and the search will start automatically* Fixed a lot of crashes and bugs, thanks for the reports!
FYI, We are working around the clock to improve the app, we are listening to your suggestions and improving each version!
Please help us to grow, share the app with friends, leave us comments and ratings
More surprises and unique features soon!

To All Our new Users
We know you’re new in ME APP

please keep in mind, if your name list is empty,
it’s because your friends don’t have MeApp Yet 🙂
you can do a test and tell a close friend to download the app
Once he will activate you will get a push notification and you will see how he named you!

Me – 5.982

What’s new:
Got a new name that was a phone number? we’ve fixed this issue and sorry for the mess
Fixed a bug with dates, when changing languages, now should be fixed
On certain devices call log was limited, now choose the “Identified by Me filter” and you will see all the calls we identified even if your call log is limited
General fixes

Me 5.97.2   what’s new?

Added filters  to Call Log!

You can filter now with:

* Only Identified by ME Calls
* Incoming Calls
* Outgoing Calls
* Missed Calls
* All Calls

Huge change in your name list!
We give the power to you which names you want to see
No more waiting for reports!
See a name you don’t like?

1. Long press on the name list in the main screen (will hide and block all the numbers in the list)
2. Long press for a specific result inside name results (will hide and block the specific selection)

Delete and Block forever!
You will never see name changes from the same number owner (or numbers) ever again!

You can always recover all the names you have blocked from you profile settings.

Me 5.97 what’s new?

We’ve upgraded our smart Caller Id!
* From now on once a call was identified it will be identified more quickly and even without interent!
* A new design for the recent calls – more friendly & more important data
The top part will show you your recent searched, identified from the widgets and from the camera.
The bottom part is your CALL LOG fully identified
* Faster pictures load – pictures will load faster in caller id, and inside the app.

* Added Smart Caller ID Place memory option
from now on you can choose where to place the caller id and make it the default open place Need to enable this option in the caller id settings
For example – if the memory is on and you moved the smart caller id to the top – in the next calls it will show on the top, wherever you’ve move it in the last call
If it’s off then the smart caller id will always open in the center of the screen by default.

* Fixed Caller ID when internet disconnected on some devices
* Fixed Android 8 – When caller id shows buttons where unavailable NOW FIXED
* General bug fixed and stability fixes

This is the first milestone for version 6 that will be out soon!

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