Restore Contacts – Device Lost, Stolen or Destroyed? Restore Your Contacts in a Click

Restore Contacts

Restore Contacts We all have undergone through a situation when we lost a hold of our contacts. Did your kid just press the delete button? or is your device lost or stolen?

Well, there could be a range of reasons when we seem to have lost our contacts. We build up our contacts over time, and losing them is a sad event. Your friend might have moved abroad and deleted contacts just stroked off the last way to contact him.

You might have an urgent meeting the next hour but deleted contacts might have made it tough for you.

Well, nothing is lost until Me cannot find it! Yes, you read that right. The Me app not only helps you find the caller id, and protects you from any spam, but can also help you in restoring your contacts.

Restore Contacts

Restore Contacts

Restore Contacts with Me App

The process is fairly simple. All you need to do is:

  • Download the Me app

Download the Me app on your  phone, Provide the necessary permissions

The app would ask you to provide all the necessary permissions. You might also be asked to login via Facebook. Enabling this feature would help you check the Facebook profiles of the people in your contact list. However, you can always choose to skip, if not interested.

  • Click on Profile

Up next, click on Profile from the top menu. This will help you see all your contacts.

  • Click on Restore

In case, you have lost your contacts, you can click on Restore on the top right corner of the top menu. Done!

Once you click on restore, your all deleted contacts would be restored, and that too hassle free!

However, there is a trick here. You only get to restore your contacts if Me was downloaded on your mobile prior to the deletion, We just gave you another reason why you must download Me today and prevent your contacts from getting lost!

Thus, Me helps you in restoring contacts without any difficulties and in an easy to follow manner. But, that’s just not about it.

Other Ways Me Can Help You

There are various other ways in which Me can help you:

  • Get a flash whenever you get a new call so that you don’t miss any important thing
  • check real time caller for all incoming and outgoing calls
  • know the name behind the missed call from an unknown number
  • Backup and restore your contacts
  • Get to know how others have saved your contact
  • And a lot more!

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